Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Big Bang Theory vs. Two and a Half Men...What Gives?

How can I find The Big Bang Theory so funny, yet Two and a Half Men so unfunny?

They are both the brainchild of Chuck Lorre, who I thought did great work on Roseanne. Now, he's doing great work on Big Bang, but dang, I just cannot enjoy 2.5 Men. And you know what's the worst? Having it on in the background and hearing the little boy (Angus T. Jones) sing "Meeeennnnnnnnn" every five seconds when they transition scenes.

I will admit, I'm a recent convert to Big Bang. I've always had a sort of prejudice about CBS comedies, formed in large part by 2.5 Men ironically. But, I watched a couple of episodes last summer and was instantly hooked. Now it's a permanent part of my DVR. On a side note, I also love How I Met Your Mother, but I will hold off on sharing my HIMYM admiration until another time.

I am hoping that Big Bang gets recognized at the Emmys this year, more than just Jim Parsons for Lead Actor. Again showing how much I hate Two Men and a Little Boy, I almost threw something at my TV when Jon Cryer beat Neil Patrick Harris for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy last year.

So, am I missing something? Is there a reason why 2.5 Men is the highest rated comedy on TV? You can't really argue snobbiness - when Seinfeld was the highest rated comedy, I loved it. When Friends was the highest rated comedy, I loved it. But what do I know?


  1. Seriously.

    It must be because people in general have bad taste - otherwise, how was According to Jim on for so long?

  2. two and a half men...was horrible..i can't see why anyone liked it.
    the big bang theory on the other hand is wonderful and so funny.
    so i was soo suprised that both were by the same creator.
    they are so different.
    it's like saying the creator of family guy , also created a serous documentary, i just can't believe it.

  3. two and a half men is as good as TBBT. the thing is you need to get fimiliar with the characters and that will take some time. this is not the case with tbbt. you can wtch tbbt the first time and understand it. watch 3-4 episodes of 2.5 men continuously, then you will like it the next time.
    actually it is funnier than tbbt.

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