Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oscar Thoughts

Couldn't blog sooner (work obligations), so here are my thoughts on my fave things (and my criticisms) of the Oscars:

- Many people are scorning the hosts for their lack of chemistry. I pretty much agree. Anne Hathaway was great - no complaints there. James Franco was stiff, and although I generally get his sense of humor, it didn't even really seem like he wanted to be there. I'd welcome Anne back, without James.

- Auto-Tuned Movies was great.

- "That's gross" - Cate Blanchett presenting Best Makeup!!

- I feel bad for Annette Bening. Natalie Portman was brilliant, but so was Annette. She better just keep searching for Oscar baity roles, because time's ticking. Ditto Amy Adams (although time's not really ticking yet for her).

- The standing ovation for Billy Crystal was a less than subtle "fuck you" to James and Anne. "Come back Billy; come back now!"

- I was making fun of Randy Newman for always winning Oscars and always being there, until I realized that he's only won twice out of 20 nominations. Then I felt really bad for him, and happy that he won. I fell in love with Toy Story 3, though, so it's all good to me.

- Rocked predictions, as evidenced by the previous post. 19/24 (would have been 20/24 if I hadn't changed my mind about Art Direction).

- The Bob Hope hologram was awkward, unnecessary, and not funny. Really, having Bob Hope introduce Jude Law and Robert Downey, Jr.? Why?

- Melissa Leo's speech was my favorite of the night. Dropping the f-bomb, stealing Kirk Douglas's cane, everything about her is awesome. Although the "pinch me" comment seemed more than a little forced.

- I must be dead inside, but I was not a fan of the PS 122 Children's Choir closing the show.

- Now that they actually didn't do the five people introducing the five Best Actor and Actress nominees, I realize I kinda liked it when they did that. Bring it back. isn't it almost time for another Oscar winners reunion?

- True Grit went 0-10. Not cool, Academy, not cool.

- I'm going to make the score to The Social Network the new soundtrack of my life.

- Jennifer Hudson needs to loosen up when she's presenting on award shows. Why so serious?

- Tom Hooper, director of The King's Speech, was on the EDGE. OF. HIS. SEAT. He shot up faster than a __________________ (you can fill in the blank).

- The performance of "If I Rise" was pretty much interchangeable with the performance of "In the Deep" from Crash when that was performed a few years ago.

- Gwyneth Paltrow is country music's newest star? News to me.

But despite the snarkiness that abounds from this blog post, I enjoyed the show. But I don't really think I could ever not enjoy the Oscars. Especially when watching it with friends.

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