Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fun Facts About Assassination

Soon, unless I bomb my audition, I will be jumping headfirst into the Jeopardy! contestant pool for the next eighteen months. Realizing that I don't use this blog as much as I should (I paid for it and all), I've decided I'm going to post interesting things I learn while studying.

First up.....assassination (get excited)!

Did you know....
* the word 'assassination' has the same etymological root as 'hashish', and it is believed that ancient assassinators may have been under the influence of hashish while doing the deed (assassinating)?
* the first use of the word "assassination" is believed to be in Macbeth?

You're way smarter now.


  1. Very cool that you'll be posting things you learn from your J! studies!
    You're being sarcastic about paying for the blog, right?
    Say, I was thinking about getting some of us together for dinner or something after our auditions (if the boards ever come back up, that is). Are you interested?

  2. P.S. Do you have a means to "follow" your blog besides RSS?

  3. Haha, good point. I paid for the URL, so that's what I meant.

    Yeah, I could be interested in dinner, depending on when it is. My audition's on Tuesday the 14th.

    And I'm not sure how you follow it, but I know some people are following it...I just added a Google Friend Connect to it, so maybe you can follow that way? Thanks!

  4. My audition's on the 13th. Are you in town yet that day? (I wish the boards were back up!)