Sunday, November 18, 2012

2012 Films - Ranked

I have quite a few left to see, but here's a ranking of the 2012 films I've seen so far (with a list of what I have left to see - well, what I actually want to see - in a list below).  This isn't a quality ranking - it's a "what I enjoyed" ranking.

And just because a film is low on the list, doesn't mean it's bad. I guess I picked a good group of movies to watch.  The one I have ranked last, "Mansome," was a random Netflix watch - that's the only one I'd never want to see again.
  1. Argo
  2. The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  3. Lincoln 
  4. Life of Pi 3D
  5. Les Miserables
  6. Silver Linings Playbook
  7. The Sessions
  8. Bernie
  9. The Queen of Versailles (documentary)
  10. Moonrise Kingdom
  11. Beasts of the Southern Wild 
  12. The Campaign
  13. Hope Springs
  14. The Impossible
  15. Pitch Perfect
  16. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
  17. The Avengers
  18. Flight 
  19. Skyfall
  20. Ted
  21. Magic Mike
  22. Craigslist Joe (documentary)
  23. Cirque du Soleil: World's Away 3D
  24. Bully (documentary)
  25. The Dark Knight Rises
  26. Safety Not Guaranteed
  27. The Dictator
  28. Casa de mi Padre
  29. The Grey 
  30. The Invisible War (documentary) 
  31. Mansome (documentary)
What I Have Left to See
Django Unchained
The Master
Rust and Bone
This is 40
Wreck-It Ralph
Zero Dark Thirty

What I Probably Won't Rush to See
21 Jump Street
The Amazing Spider-Man
The Bourne Legacy
Breaking Dawn Part Two
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
The Hunger Games
Men in Black 3
Rise of the Guardians
Snow White and the Huntsmen

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