Thursday, March 18, 2010

Student Bodies - The Best, Worst Movie of All Time

If you've got a couple hours to kill and want to watch one of the great B-films, watch the horror parody Student Bodies (1981). Lucky for you, it's on Youtube.

Student Bodies was the first scary film parody. Horrible quality, horrible acting, but funny as hell. I'm gonna post the first scene of twelve that are on Youtube. If it doesn't catch you at first, stick with it awhile (at least to video 3 of 12). You can access all twelve after watching the first one.

The Breather: Click.
Ms. Van Dyke: Did you hang up?
The Breather: No, I just said click.

[Over the phone]
Ms. Van Dyke: What makes your voice sound so funny?
The Breather: I'm disguising it.
Ms. Van Dyke: How?
The Breather: By talking through a rubber chicken.
Ms. Van Dyke: I thought it sounded like you were speaking through a rubber chicken.

The Breather: Why do they always run away from me? It's the galoshes. They're a dead giveaway. Why do I wear them? It isn't even raining!

Ms. Van Dyke: I'll get it. I'm farthest from the phone.
Woman In Scene: That makes sense.

Fun fact: The Breather is Richard Belzer from Law & Order.

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