Sunday, June 27, 2010

Listen Up Emmy Voters

The Emmy nominations are being announced on July 8th, and I will be up at 7:30am Central Time (5:30am Hollywood time!!!) to hear them (like I am every year). I never claimed to have a life.

Anyway, if these people/shows do not appear on the nominee list, something is wrong with America.

Modern Family

My vote for best comedy of the year goes to Modern Family. It's a premise that, not done correctly, could be very schmaltzy. But, a solid cast and great writing made this show a weekly staple for me. A Best Comedy Series nomination is well-deserved, as are nominations for almost all of the entire cast. Eric Stonestreet is probably the only sure thing in Best Supporting Actor, but don't be surprised if Ed O'Neill, Ty Burrell, and/or Sofia Vergara show up as well. I've always loved Julie Bowen, but I think her category (Best Supporting Actress) is just too strong to make it in. On a side note, look for my official predictions soon.

Jane Lynch, Glee

The one nomination guaranteed more than any other nomination on July 8th is a nod for Jane Lynch in Best Supporting Actress. Actually, I'm pretty sure her name has already been engraved on the trophy. So you're probably asking, why am I championing her if she's already so much of a shoo in? Because she deserves it. Yes, the singing is good. Yes, the cast works well together. But Sue Sylvester makes Glee. You could replace anyone from New Directions and the show would still go on. You get rid of Sue Sylvester, and you no longer have a show.

Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory

He made it in last year when The Big Bang Theory was almost otherwise ignored. So I'm pretty confident he'll make it in again. In fact, I think the show deserves a Best Comedy Series nomination this year. Jim Parsons submitted the episode where he has to give an acceptance speech for a physics award he has been given, but accidentally gets drunk before the speech. If he gets nominated, it's him vs Baldwin for the win. Sorry Steve Carell.

Martin Short & Lily Tomlin, Damages

Martin Short is going for Best Supporting Actor, and Lily Tomlin is going for Best Guest Actress. When funny people play dramatic, its usually either very awkward (Kathy Griffin, Law & Order: SVU), or downright brilliant (Robin Williams, One Hour Photo; Short & Tomin). Tomlin has proved herself a deft dramatic actress in the past, getting an Oscar nomination for Nashville. She doesn't disappoint in this role, and Short is a revelation. Both deserve to be nominated in their respective categories.

I will do an Emmy predictions blog in the next few days.

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  1. Martin Short and Lily Tomlin look so much the same in those photos if one did not know they were different, one might think they were the same person. Question is, is it Martin in drag or Lily?