Thursday, July 8, 2010

Reactions to Emmy Nominations

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Nominations are out, and Glee dominates. Well actually The Pacific dominates with 24 nominations (by the way, visit the CultureTilt archives where I guaranteed, in March/April, that The Pacific would get Emmy love....I'm talented, I know.) But, Glee received an impressive 19, and 30 Rock and Modern Family did not fall far behind. This is very exciting. More specific reactions:

Comedy Series - 5/6 predicted correctly!

Nurse Jackie? I think everyone predicted Edie Falco would get in, but I don't think anyone really thought it would break through as Best Comedy Series. It's one of those shows that's technically a comedy, but not one of those laugh-inducing comedies. Small detail. But, it's a well-written and entertaining show and deserves its spot. Otherwise, pretty standard fare.

Early prediction: Modern Family

Drama Series - 4/6 predicted correctly!

So The Good Wife up and did it. Good for them. With a healthy smattering of acting nominations, The Good Wife gets 9 bids. Little trivia for you - Julianna Margulies has 7 Screen Actors Guild awards on her mantle, more than any other actor on the planet.

Early prediction: Mad Men

In my other categories, I did pretty well, but not spectacular. I'm by no means mad at this. I think it's refreshing and exciting that there's a changing of the guards, of sorts. Stay tuned for a more in-depth article about that later.

Actor, Comedy Series - 6/6!!!
Actress, Comedy - 4/6
Actor, Drama - 4/6
Actress, Drama - 4/6
Supporting Actor, Comedy - 4/6
Supporting Actress, Comedy - 4/6
Supporting Actor, Drama - 5/6
Supporting Actress, Drama - 3/6 (boo,hiss)

Other observations:
  • Saturday Night Live now becomes the most nominated show of all time, with 126 nominations! ER is second with 124.
  • Kudos to Conan! I guess Hollywood decided it was time to send a message to NBC that the 10:00ET/9:00CT drama shouldn't be messed with. Neither should giving a comedic genius a job and then taking it away from him seven months later.
  • Julie Bowen proves me wrong, and gets into Best Supporting Actress. Not that that's a bad thing. I love her on Modern Family, so it's actually beyond awesome!
  • Poor Ed O'Neill, the only adult cast member of Modern Family not to get nominated. More trivia - Married...with Children is the longest running show on TV to never win an Emmy. EDIT: After more research, I discovered that Baywatch dethroned Married....with Children from this honor.
  • Weeds has disappeared from the Emmy lineup, and Entourage has virtually disappeared (just one nomination in a tech category). I think that the Emmys are getting a fresh outlook. Who doesn't like that the Emmys are getting a fresh outlook? Rainn Wilson, who was dropped from his category. It's now highly likely no actor from The Office will ever win an Emmy. A few years ago, I would have laughed in your face if you had told me that. Now? it's pretty much reality. I don't think Steve Carell's going to get the sympathy vote. It would be nice if he won though.
  • Amy Poehler, you rock my face off. Congrats!
  • Jane Lynch got nominated, Modern Family got nominated, Jim Parsons got nominated, and both Martin Short & Lily Tomlin got nominated. It's good to know my blog post from earlier in the month was received so well by the Academy. :-)

Keep checking back! As I think of things, I will post them here.

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