Saturday, September 25, 2010

Season Premieres of the Shows I Love????

"Premiere Week" is mostly over, and here are my thoughts:

The Big Bang Theory - the most laugh out loud episode of all the season premieres. I'm loving this show so much.

Modern Family -
an entertaining, charming episode. Not as "laugh out loud funny" as I would have wanted, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wonder if it was intentional for Sofia Vergara's tits to jiggle that much when she shook the salt into the hot chocolate? Julie Bowen playing it straight gets me every time, and Ty Burrell can do no wrong.

Glee - loving it more and more with every episode. I actually downloaded some music from iTunes after the episode. They're sucking me in. I'm gonna like Coach Beiste. A quick Google search tells me that she was some sort of arm wrestling champion back in the day. Awesome. Don't like the other new characters yet, but hopefully I will. Overall, a very funny episode. "Asian Camp"? OMG!

30 Rock - lots of fantastic one-liners, entertaining, and once again, great. Again, I didn't "laugh out loud" as much as I would have wanted, but this show can do no wrong.

The Office - unlike many of my friends, I did not like the opening at all? Why was Toby directing? Why was Michael happy with Toby directing? Why is Creed now a Twitter fiend when a few seasons ago he didn't even know how to use a computer? (thanks Sam.) I don't like the new HR guy (although the hunch down, I don't want to look at your crotch joke was pretty funny), I don't like Erin, and Dwight was so absurd here that it wasn't even slightly believable. This show better get better or I might have to give my DVR a vacation.

Running Wilde - thought I'd try it. Didn't like it. Very bummed about this, because it's basically an Arrested Development reunion (Will Arnett, David Cross, Mitchell Hurwitz, Anthony & Joe Russo). Next.

The Apprentice - reminded of why I used to love this show. The last few regular people seasons got too corporate, with every challenge sponsored by some multi-million dollar company. The first two challenges this year were not corporate at all (designing an office space and selling ice cream, although Perry's Ice Cream did get some good promotional placement). I will keep watching. Mhasa was a major bitch week one, but she wasn't week two. Maybe there's hope for her yet.

Survivor - again, can do no wrong. Jimmy Johnson was not as big a distraction as I thought he'd be. I was iffy about Shannon week one, but after his "Are you gay?" rant week two, he's a douche and I'm glad he's home.

Other one word thoughts, because I'm tired of typing:
Community - decent.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - very good.
Outsourced - go away, please.
Cougar Town - feeling more and more like Scrubs every episode.
Law & Order: SVU - Joan Cusack worked it out!

I still have Family Guy and Saturday Night Live to watch for the week to be over. Amy Poehler's hosting SNL, so I should not be disappointed with that.

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